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All in one LED solar street light series







Car Air Ionize Purifier and Phone Charger





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Mountie-3 Mountie-1


 Originally imported from the U.S.A. 原裝美國入口 Tel: 852-35681189



magnus air







Pogo Connect 2




Pogo is the perfect companion to your iPad, iPhone, and laptop and is compatible with other capacitive screens. 

Pogo Connect Pressure Sensitive Smart Pen for iPad

connected by Bluetooth 4.0 (Replaceable tip)

iPad 專用壓力感應筆 (可換筆頭)

firmware new version 1.1.0 for iPad 3rd /4th generation stock available in Hong Kong 

 New tips now available for Pogo Connect.

( R1/R2/R3/B1+B3  tips stock available in Hong Kong )

Tip collection


Pogo Connect Smart Clip 


The Clip works on all smart cover or folio style case,and functions even when the cover is flipped over.








Compatible with Top-Tier Apps 兼容Apps:

Autodesk SketchBook® Pro for iPad, Adobe® Photoshop® Touch, Procreate, PDFpen, Zen Brush, FlipBook HD, Sketch Club…

More compatible Apps list, please check here…

For more details of Pogo Connect…


Magnus mini magnetic stand for iPad mini


For more details of Magnus mini..

Magnus handcrafted magnetic stand for new iPad and iPad 2

手工製磁力new iPad 及iPad 2專用鋁座

For more details of magnus…

For more details of Pogo Sketch Pro…

A pair of joysticks for iPhone, iPod touch and Android devices.

iPhone, iPod touch 及 Android 手機專用遊戲控制器

Demo Video 1:

For more details of Fling mini…

A game joystick for iPad 2 / iPad provides ultimate on-screen control.

Fling – iPad 2 / iPad專用遊戲控制器

Demo Video 1:

Demo Video 2:

For more details of Fling…

A protective hard case that rotates with 360 degrees for the new iPad & iPad 2

new iPad 及iPad 2 專用360度全方位轉動保護套

Demo Video:

For more details of HandStand…

A stylus for iPhone / iPad / MacBook and all capacitive devices.

iPad / iPhone 及各種電容式觸控屏的專用觸控筆


Demo Video:

For more details of Pogo Sketch…

A stylus with multipurpose clips for iPhone 4.

iPhone 4 多用途機夾連觸控筆

For more details of Pogo Stylus…

A case with Pogo Sketch for iPad.

iPad保護套連Pogo Sketch觸控筆

Demo Video:

For more details of Particle…

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