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Bluetooth Speaker

High quality Bluetooth speaker,Item Code :QD-F8

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A:Legend indicates


1.Easy to wear buttons
3.Long press cancel, short press play/pause
4.In a song/long press the volume reduction
5.The next song/long press the volume and
6.long press 3 seconds to switch machne, short press to switch the mode
7.The phone keys, short press pick/hang up call, short press twice back to dial the last call
8.LED dazzle color switch, red/blue indicator light
9.Micro USB outlet
10.TF card socket
B.Technical indicators

Bluetooth: based on class2 power level, USES the specification of Bluetooth2.1+EDR, compatible Bluetooth version 3.0 and the following application, transmission speed can be achieved 3Mbits/s.
Support L2CAP/A2DP(AVCTP/AVDTP/AVRCP), Used to receive
stereo audio signals, it can control the audio launch and operation
by agreement.
Support HSP/HFP(Handsfree profile),function of hands-free calls ,
a voice communication. Support simple matching, matching
name”QD-F8″. Does not need to enter pairing code, support
automatic back to even.
TF card:Support MP3、WAV、WMA、SBC format ,ect.
LED LAMP :Dazzle color
Intelligent charging: charging management in USB 5V
Working temperature:-20~+70^C
Power: output power 4R/3W, the maximum output current OF music playback is
less than 400MA, distortion is less than 10%, degraded current is 30 or so.
Power supply: built in 3.7V600MA rechargeable batteries
Bluetooth distance: working distance is more than 10 meters .
Waterproof and dustproof: level IP67
C. Instructions
1.Boot: long press 3 seconds to switch machine, the boot into Bluetooth mode first, then the indicator light flashing into pairs.
2.Matching: open the Bluetooth device, search this product match matching in name “QD-F8”, if matching the blue indicator long on.
3.MP3:Insert TF card automatically cut to card mode, according to the button
function tips, play music when the blue lights flash slowly, pause duration
4.FM:Short press mode key cut to FM mode, short press play and pause
automatically searching
5.LED:Short press in the middle of the button, open the LED dazzle colour effect
6.Shutdown: long press switch machine three seconds to turn it off
7.Charging: input 5V/1A voltage to charge, charge when the red light bright,charging complete when the red light off.

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